5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick Could Sign With in the Future

5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick Could Sign With in the Future

5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick Could Sign With in the Future

5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick Could Sign With in the Future

Travis June 22, 2020
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5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick Could Sign With in the Future

Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl years ago, but they fell to the Ravens. Afterwards, Kaepernick was labeled as the next great QB in the NFL, but injuries took a toll. After having surgery on his shoulders and knee, he missed a significant amount of time. When he returned, Colin Kaepernick began to sit while the National Anthem was playing. Afterwards, he began to kneel and he faced criticism for it and said he’s doing it to bring awareness to police brutality. Police brutality was one of the major reasons and also to talk about black people being oppressed. Fast forward. Colin Kaepernick opted out of his deal because the 49ers were going to cut him. Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played since January of 2017 because he was basically blackballed. With what’s going on now, Colin Kaepernick is starting to look like a hero.

Brett Favre just stated he could be remembered just like Pat Tillman, who sacrificed his NFL career to fight for this country. Unfortunately, Pat Tillman was killed across seas and has been honored countless times since his death. Roger Goodell has stated that he hopes Kaepernick gets another shot in the league. Even President Trump chimed in to say that if Kaepernick is good enough, he deserves a chance. Of course, Colin Kaepernick is good enough and should’ve been on a roster a long time ago. Now it seems interest is starting to peek for his service and he could resume his NFL career. I’ve always supported Kaepernick and hopefully he’ll be back in the league. Below is 5 NFL Teams Colin Kaepernick could sign with in the future.


Philadelphia Eagles

Doug Pederson has stated that the prospect of signing Colin Kaepernick is good. The Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts with their second round pick to be the backup to Wentz. While Hurts will learn a lot from him, but Wentz has been injured a lot over the last few seasons. The Eagles could bring in Kaepernick to be the veteran backup they would need in case Wentz goes down again. Kaepernick is great with his feet and the Eagles offense is something he’s accustomed to running.


Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers coach Anthony Lynn has talked extensively about Kaepernick. The Chargers drafted Justin Herbert with their first round pick and Philip Rivers is in Indianapolis now. Tyrod Taylor is slated to be the starter until Herbert is ready to take over. The Chargers offense can be one of the better ones in the league if they stay healthy. Once again, the athletic ability of Kaepernick would be perfect seeing the Chargers offensive line isn’t the best. Los Angeles seems set at the QB position, but having Kaepernick could make things interesting.


New England Patriots

We all know that Tom Brady took his talents to Tampa Bay and signed a 2-year deal with the Buccaneers. If things stay the same, Jared Stidham will be the starter for the Patriots this upcoming season. Stidham could turn out to be a great quarterback, but the Patriots will need to add more depth at quarterback. Brian Hoyer returned to the team, but Kaepernick is a much better option. The receiving core isn’t the best up in New England so they’ll need a quarterback who can run. Robert Kraft has been one of the few owners to support and donate to Black Lives Matter. Could they shock everyone and bring in Colin Kaepernick?


Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have one of the healthiest starting quarterbacks in the league in Matt Ryan. Matt Schaub is his backup and he’s been in the league for a long time now. Atlanta has a fast offense and if something were to happen to Matt Ryan, Schaub wouldn’t be the answer. Colin Kaepernick could flourish with the weapon Atlanta has with the run-pass option. Would Atlanta consider bringing in Kaepernick to compete for the backup position?


Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are probably the favorites to finally dethrone the Patriots in the NFC East. Last year, they had an amazing season and this one could be special also. Josh Allen is their signal caller, but at times he seems to be rattled and his accuracy has been a question mark. As of now, Buffalo has Matt Barkley backing up Josh Allen. If Allen were to go down, is Barkley someone the Bills would be confident in? With the weapons the Bills have, Kaepernick would be a great addition. Much of what Josh Allen does is something that Kaepernick is known for.

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