5 Potential Destinations for Carson Wentz

5 Potential Destinations for Carson Wentz

5 Potential Destinations for Carson Wentz

5 Potential Destinations for Carson Wentz

Travis December 20, 2020
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5 Potential Destinations for Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz have had a disastrous season with the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz was benched a couple weeks ago for Jalen Hurts during their game against Green Bay. Last week, Jalen Hurts had the Eagles looking different as they upset the New Orleans Saints. Jalen Hurts will get the start today against the Arizona Cardinals. Many believe Hurts will be the starter for the remainder of the season. There are now reports that Carson Wentz does not want to be a backup. The problem is the contract Wentz just signed and that could be the reason he remains in Philadelphia. The 27-year-old was the runaway MVP in 2017 before going down to a knee injury. The Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl behind Nick Foles and Carson Wentz hasn’t been the same since. There are rumors there are teams that would be interested, peep 5 potential destinations for Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts has been the most talked about destination for Carson Wentz. Indianapolis is currently having a great season and in the hunt for a division title. Philip Rivers signed a 1-year deal with the Colts for $25 million dollars. Rivers has played well, but we know he’s not the future QB for the Colts. Wentz will turn 28 in little over a week and about 11 years younger than Rivers. Carson Wentz has a connection with Frank Reich, who’s the coach of the Colts. Reich was very instrumental in the performance of Carson Wentz back in 2017. Wentz played like an MVP with the tutelage of Reich and they could recapture that magic.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have been looking for a franchise quarterback ever since Peyton Manning retired. Drew Lock is their current signal caller, but are they really sold on him? Denver has a lot of extraordinary talent on the offensive side of the ball. Jerry Jeudy, K.J. Hamler, Noah Fant and Courtland Sutland make up a great, young core. Drew Lock has showed signs, but not consistently. John Elway would likely to pull the trigger on a deal for Carson Wentz. Wentz can still be a great quarterback in this league and the Broncos would be a great fit.

San Francisco 49ers

There have been reports that the San Francisco 49ers could move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. Nick Mullins has played most of the season and he’s not the answer either. San Francisco have dealt with so many injuries this season. They were in the Super Bowl a year ago, but they have had so many things go wrong this organization. If they are going to move on from Jimmy G, they will need another veteran signal caller for this group. Carson Wentz could strive in this 49ers offense and could be the answer for the 49ers.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is having another awful season and will have a top-5 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. In all likelihood, the Jaguars will draft a quarterback seeing this is a deep QB draft. They may want to go in another direction if they could trade for Wentz. Jacksonville has some nice, young pieces to work and this could be another situation like he had in Philly. Wentz is still young enough to be their future QB, which would open the door for them to draft elsewhere.

Philadelphia Eagles

In 2021, Wentz could remain with the Eagles and compete with Hurts for the starting job. Like mentioned earlier, the contract of Wentz could be the issue with moving him. We also don’t know how Hurts will play the rest of the season. While the other four teams are viable options, staying is Philly could make the most sense.

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