5 Top Baseball Stadiums That I’m Wanting to Visit

5 Top Baseball Stadiums That I’m Wanting to Visit

5 Top Baseball Stadiums That I’m Wanting to Visit

5 Top Baseball Stadiums That I’m Wanting to Visit

Travis May 26, 2020
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5 Top Baseball Stadiums That I’m Wanting to Visit

With June vastly approaching, the baseball season would almost be two months into their season. Unfortunately, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the season still haven’t begun. There have been talks and even a pair of teams have opened their facilities for some light workouts. The latest is that we could have the season start in July and it’ll be an 82-game season. Hopefully, something gets going soon and we have some sort of baseball season. The Korean Baseball League have been playing with no fans and can be viewed on ESPN. Seeing no fans is definitely different and would still take some more getting used to. Whenever the season returns and fans will be able to be in attendance, there are some stadiums I’d love to visit. Below are the top 5 baseball stadiums that I’m wanting to visit.


Fenway Park

I’m a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway is one of the stadiums on my bucket list. My other team is the Atlanta Braves and seeing I’m an Atlanta guy I’ve visited all the Braves stadiums including SunTrust Park. Fenway Park is such an historic stadium where guys like Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig and many all-time greats have played. With so many places opting to the newer and upgraded stadiums, Fenway Park is over 100 years old. The mystique of Fenway Park is so overwhelming, and you would feel a certain way knowing who’s all be in that stadium.


Wrigley Field

Fenway Park was built in 1912, which makes it the oldest park in the MLB. Two years after that, Wrigley Field was built which makes it over 100 years old. I’m somewhat an historian and Wrigley Field is definitely one of those with that mystique. Over the years, Wrigley Field has had some renovations, but it’s the same old field. Ernie Banks, Ryan Sandberg, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and many more called this placed home. Think about all the all-time greats that have played on that field. If you love baseball and its history, Wrigley Field is one of the stadiums you need to visit.


Busch Stadium

When I was a kid growing up, the St. Louis Cardinals have always had that historic factor about themselves. The Cardinals have always been one of those teams that always kept great players. Unfortunately, they opted to build a new Busch Stadium and it opened in 2006. While it’s still a fairly new stadium, the fans and the experience are why Busch Stadium made the list. We can say this is the house that Mark McGwire and Albert Pujois built.


Coors Field

The Colorado Rockies was an expansion team along with the Florida Marlins in 1995. I’ve always thought that Coors Field was a beautiful field and you always saw those monstrous and towering home runs. Of course, the air is thin and who doesn’t enjoy the long ball? Coors Field is definitely on my list of baseball stadiums I’d love to visit.


Dodger Stadium

Last and definitely not least, we have Dodger Stadium and in Los Angeles. When it comes to historic franchises in baseball, the Dodgers are one of the teams you’d mention. Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Fernando Valenzuela, and the historic Kirk Gibson shot scream Dodger Stadium. The stadium was built in 1962 when the franchise relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Even now, the Dodgers have been one of the best teams in baseball over the last four to five years. Unfortunately, they still haven’t captured the World Series title since 1988.


What do you think about the lists of baseball stadiums? Which baseball stadium would you like to visit the most? Which baseball stadiums have you visited? Leave some feedback below about anything to do with the baseball stadiums.

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