5 WWE Superstars That Should Return to NXT

5 WWE Superstars That Should Return to NXT

5 WWE Superstars That Should Return to NXT

5 WWE Superstars That Should Return to NXT

Travis March 11, 2021
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5 WWE Superstars That Should Return to NXT

After a very successful NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day, we have another one coming up during WrestleMania week. NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver will be a 2-night event. It seems like 3 matches will be made official most likely next week. Finn Balor defending his NXT Championship against Karrion Kross. The returning Kyle O’Reilly will probably go against his former Undisputed Era partner, Adam Cole. Io Shairi went to Raquel Gonzalez and said she wanted her next for the NXT Women’s Championship. With NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver being a two-night spectacle, this would be perfect to bring back some former NXT stars. There are plenty of stars that went to the main roster and things haven’t quite panned out. Below is 5 Superstars That Should Return to NXT.

Aleister Black

Black is a former NXT champion and was really over in NXT. After going to the main roster, he seemed poised to be very successful on Raw. It was reported that Paul Heyman was big on him and there were rumors of him even battling Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship. After Paul Heyman lost power on Raw, his push went away also. Black went to SmackDown and nothing materialized over there. His wife, Zelina Vega was fired and we have still heard from or seen Black. Seeing Aleister Black return to NXT would be great and the fans would definitely eat that up. There are plenty of feuds we could see happening if this were to happen.


Andrade is another former NXT champion who experienced mild success on the main roster. Andrade took part in one of NXT’s greatest matches when he defeated Johnny Gargano. Like Black, he had a big supporter in Paul Heyman and he even captured the United States championship. Andrade got injured, but even before that he was starting to get less time on the air. Since Charlotte Flair is his fiancée, you would think he would get some opportunities. A return to the Black and Gold brand would be great for him.


The IIconics were really over during their time in NXT. After reaching the main roster, they had a little bit of success. They went on to capture the WWE Women’s Tag Belts. After losing them, they lost all momentum and even broke up. After the break-up, neither is really doing anything nowadays. With NXT adding a tag team championship for the women, this would be a perfect time to return to NXT.


Ricochet is one of the more exciting wrestlers WWE have on their roster. After being a sought after free agent, he made his way to NXT. Ricochet immediately made an impact on the roster and with the fans. Ricochet went on to capture the North American championship. He had plenty of dazzling moments that left the NXT Universe in awe. After making his main roster debut, he had some success and won the United States title. Once again, Ricochet was another guy that Paul Heyman wanted to push. Unfortunately, Ricochet has become a jobber and sometimes appears on Main Event.

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