6 Potential Destinations for J.J. Watt

6 Potential Destinations for J.J. Watt

6 Potential Destinations for J.J. Watt

6 Potential Destinations for J.J. Watt

Travis February 16, 2021
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 6 Potential Destinations for J.J. Watt

Last week, we heard the big news coming out of Houston. The Texans released one of their star players and no it wasn’t Deshaun Watson. J.J. Watt has been a fixture on the Texans defense for 10 years was granted his release. The future Hall-Of-Famer had a great season last year and still got a lot of football in him. After releasing an emotional video on Twitter, there were several players already courting him. The big question is, where are some potential destinations J.J. Watt continuing his career? We know he will be looking for a team that could use his services and be a Super Bowl contender? Below are 6 possible destinations for J.J. Watt.

Tennessee Titans

When this news broke, this was the first team that came to mind. The Titans have a Super Bowl ready team and they are in need of a pass rusher. They signed Jadaveon Clowney last year hoping he would be the guy. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for the Titans and the playoffs showed they need someone to pressure the quarterback. Lamar Jackson’s ability to escape the Titans rush was the difference in their playoff loss. J.J. Watt is an immediate upgrade to that defensive line and he’s been coached by Mike Vrabel.

Pittsburgh Steelers

We don’t know if the Steelers would have the cap space for someone like J.J. Watt. T.J. Watt immediately tweeted out to his brother to come join him in Pittsburgh. Derek Watt also plays for the Steelers and that could be intriguing for him to play with both of his brothers. Pittsburgh will have some key players being free agents so they may try to lock them down instead of going after J.J. Watt.

Cleveland Browns

It has been rumored that J.J. Watt would be interested in playing in Cleveland. The Browns already have a stacked team and adding J.J. Watt could have them challenging Buffalo and Kansas City. Just imagine putting J.J. Watt on the opposite side of Myles Garrett? The opposing offenses would have nightmares when they see the Browns on their schedule.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were one game away from reaching the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they couldn’t put any pressure on Patrick Mahomes and he decimated the defense. Buffalo added Stephon Diggs and made an incredible leap, if they add Watt they could be in the Super Bowl next year.

Green Bay Packers

We know the talk about the Packers has been giving Aaron Rodgers more weapons. For me, they already have enough and Aaron Rodgers winning league MVP proves that. Green Bay could use an elite pass rusher, which would have been critical in their game against Tampa Bay. Tom Brady was able to have time in the pocket to pick the defense apart. We also know that Watt play his college football for Wisconsin also.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are going all in on trying to reach the Super Bowl. First off, they must find them a franchise quarterback. We all know that Philip Rivers retired and they are in need of a new signal caller. They continue to be linked in the Carson Wentz trade talks. The Colts already have a good defense and adding J.J. Watt would make them even better.

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