Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis Colts

Travis February 18, 2021
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Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis Colts

After weeks of speculation and rumors, Carson Wentz has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts. The Eagles Indianapolis was the top spot we picked for him to go almost two months ago. Carson Wentz goes to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third-round draft pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-rounder. The Eagles will receive the 85th overall pick in this year’s draft, and the conditional second-rounder can become a first-round pick based on Wentz’s playing time, according to sources. Wentz needs to play at least 75% of the Colts’ offensive snaps for the 2022 conditional pick to convey to a first-rounder, according to sources.

The pick also could become a first-rounder if Wentz plays at least 70% of the snaps and the Colts reach the playoffs. But the worst the 2022 pick can be is a second-rounder, meaning the Eagles are assured of netting two value picks for Wentz. The Eagles and Colts spent much of the past two weeks trying to finalize the trade, which cannot be officially processed until the new NFL year begins March 17. Despite being speculated as a potential suitor for Wentz in trade talks, the Chicago Bears did not wind up making an offer to the Eagles. The Eagles will take a $33.8 million dead-cap hit — the largest dead-cap hit that any team ever has taken for a player — while the Colts will assume the balance of Wentz’s $128 million extension, including the $10 million guaranteed roster bonus due March 19.

Wentz will be reunited with Colts head coach Frank Reich, his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, and help fill the void left by Philip Rivers’ retirement, while the Eagles are likely to turn to Jalen Hurts, though they also intend to bring in competition for him. The Eagles’ starting job is not expected to automatically go to Hurts.

How Will the Colts Fare?

Being a huge Eagles fan, I’m thinking Wentz will strive and return to All-Pro form. Indianapolis has a great offensive line, running backs and talented wide receivers. It’s a little too early to crown the Colts Super Bowl favorites, but they are one of the better teams in the AFC.

How About the Eagles?

The key for me is the potential first round pick next season. If Carson Wentz balls out, Philadelphia adding another first round pick could be huge. I’m thinking the Eagles will use their 6th pick this year on a wide receiver, if available. Philadelphia will also be in the market for a veteran signal caller to backup Jalen Hurts. In my opinion, both teams made out good with this trade, but only time will tell to see who won it.

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