My Favorites to Win the Men Money In the Bank Ladder Match

My Favorites to Win the Men Money In the Bank Ladder Match

My Favorites to Win the Men Money In the Bank Ladder Match

My Favorites to Win the Men Money In the Bank Ladder Match

Travis July 17, 2021
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My Favorites to Win the Men Money In the Bank Ladder Match

As we all know, the Money in the Bank PPV is this upcoming Sunday. Ever since its inception, this is one of my favorite PPVs from the WWE. We highlighted the women yesterday and who are my favorites heading into their match. The focus will be shifted to the Men Money in the Bank Ladder match. Kevin Owens, Riddle, Ricochet, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, King Nakamura, Big E and Seth Rollins are the participants. In this group, we have three former world champions with the hopes of reaching that plateau again. Could Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre or Kevin Owens win the briefcase? Or will Riddle, John Morrison, Ricochet, King Nakamura or Big E win the briefcase and go after their first title? Unfortunately, I’m thinking Morrison and Ricochet are in the match for spots. These are my 3 favorites to win the Men Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has shined throughout this Pandemic Era and he became a 2-time champion. You could argue that he’s carried Raw throughout the pandemic. Drew McIntyre fell to Bobby Lashley at the Hell in a Cell PPV last month. The stipulation was that if McIntyre were to lose to Lashley, he couldn’t challenge for the championship as long as Lashley’s champ. With the crowd returning, the WWE could be waiting to have Drew become champion again. Lashley is favored to beat Kofi Kingston in the title match at the PPV. McIntyre could win the briefcase and cash it in for a match at the SummerSlam PPV.

Big E

Big E has been looked at as someone who could possibly dethrone Roman Reigns. The seeds may have been planted on this past SmackDown when Big E interrupted a Paul Heyman promo. The former Intercontinental champion could use the Money in the Bank briefcase could catapult him into the main event picture. If Big E were to capture the briefcase, could he be drafted to Raw with his fellow New Day members? While many think a potential Roman Reigns versus Big E would be appealing, he could target Bobby Lashley. Lashley have been feuding with New Day and he’s facing Kofi Kingston at the PPV. Big E would make an interesting choice to be the new Mr. Money in the Bank.

John Morrison

This is a wild card right here, but what about John Morrison winning the briefcase? With Miz being injured, this would be the perfect time to push him. Morrison is an amazing wrestler and for some reason he never went after a world title. He has been a world champion in various companies during his time away from the WWE. With the Miz in his corner, this could make some entertaining TV as they tease continuous cash-ins. John Morrison is one of my favorites to win this, but I’m thinking he’s in the match for some crazy moves and bumps.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is a former Money in the Bank briefcase winner. Rollins had one of the most memorable cash-ins when he cashed it in at WrestleMania. The WWE has continued to build to a potential Seth Rollins-Edge feud. Could Edge find a way to dethrone Reigns in their championship match at the Money in the Bank PPV? If so, could we see Rollins cash in the briefcase on the same night? Seth Rollins is a dark horse in this match and he’s as sneaky as it gets. Just like a past gimmick for Edge, Rollins is also the ultimate opportunist. Will Rollins climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase like he did on SmackDown?

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