My Top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match Favorites

My Top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match Favorites

My Top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match Favorites

My Top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match Favorites

Travis July 12, 2021
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My Top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match Favorites

The Money in the Bank PPV is this upcoming Sunday on the Peacock network. Ever since its inception, this has been one of my favorite PPVs along with the Royal Rumble. With those two PPVs, the uncertainties are endless in two different ways. The Royal Rumble has always been a time where some nostalgia or returning stars appearing. The Money in the Bank Ladder match is where anyone can win a chance to become the world champion. For the Women, we have 5 former champions in this match. With Bayley being injured, Carmella was removed and given a title shot and replaced with Natalya. We saw the return of Zelina Vega to the company and claim a spot in the match. Who will leave the Money in the Bank with the briefcase? Here are my top 3 Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match favorites to win the briefcase.

Nikki A.S.H.

The former Nikki Cross has a new gimmick and this one has potential. She is going with a superhero-like gimmick and this should catch on with the returning audience. If done right, the WWE may have stumbled upon something special. Nikki already has the personality to pull this off and the kids will eat it up. With the potential of this gimmick, she has to be one of the favorites to retrieve the briefcase. Don’t be surprised to see Nikki climb the ladder and grab the Money in the Bank briefcase with the contract.

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan is someone that the fans absolutely love. When she wasn’t getting a fair shot, the fans were very animated about how she deserves a shot. Morgan has improved immensely inside the squared circle ever since returning. Carmella and the returning Zelina Vega were given their spots in the match. Morgan had to cut a promo as to why she deserves to be in the match and then proceeded to beat Vega. With the fans returning, this would make for a feel good moment for her to capture the briefcase.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has embraced her new character ever since her run-in with the Fiend. She has terrorized all the women on Raw ever since the transformation. Most recently, she has been feuding with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Bliss is a former multi-time Women’s Champion, but hasn’t held the title in a while. If she were able to grab the briefcase, the mind games she could play on either champion would be golden. With Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler being absent from the match, don’t be surprised if they cost her the briefcase.

Mystery Entrant

There is one remaining spot left in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. The mystery person would take the place as a member of SmackDown. We know that Toni Storm is headed to the SmackDown as they’re airing vignettes. Sonya DeVille has been training and rumored to resume her in-ring career anytime now. The last one could be the returning Becky Lynch as she’s been training to come back. Lynch relinquished her championship after Money In the Bank to Asuka after announcing her pregnancy.


Who do you see winning the Women Money in the Bank Ladder match? Who do you want to win the Women Money in the Bank match? Leave some feedback below.

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